Who We Are

Test Tools Nigeria Enterprises (TTNE) is one of the few IT system integration companies in Nigeria that works with Enterprise systems and companies. As a privately owned company established in the year 2010, TTNE provides IT Consultancy, software design and development as well as professional services and hardware deployment and maintenance to the following verticals:

  • Government [Local and Central]
  • Financial Services [Insurance, Banking and Clearing House]
  • Telecommunications [VSAT, Fiber optics, Radio Links and Networks]
  • Energy and Utilities [Hardware Procurements, Web/Software Applications, Solutions]
  • Health Care [Hardware Procurements, Web/Software Applications, Solutions]
  • Education [E-Learning, E-Library, Hardware Procurements, Process flow Solutions]

Our Vision

TTNE's vision is to enhance the business operation of its clients by developing and/or implementing premium IT products and services.

Our Mission

TTNE is a leading IT company for Consulting Services and Deployment of best of breed Business Solutions to top tier domestic and international customers. TTNEs' mission includes:

  • Providing high quality software development services and professional consulting that would improve our customers' operations;
  • Making access to information easier and securer (Enterprise Business);
  • Improving communication and data exchange (Business to Business)
  • Providing our customers with a Value for Money and
  • Providing our employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities.

Our Core Values